Our Disaster Response Group is recruiting now. 

Due to a dire need for emergency medical assistance in the growing Rohingya crisis, Australian NGO Backpacker Medics is recruiting for a third Disaster Response Group to provide aid to some of the 550,000+ Rohingya people who have fled their ethnic homeland of Rakhine State, Myanmar for the refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar District in Bangladesh.

We are looking for paramedics, nurses, clinical psychologists and logistics managers who are experienced in Emergency Care and/or Disaster Response.

This is not an easy deployment but it’s a very rewarding one. If you think you are up to the task, we’d love to hear from you. Click here on http://bit.ly/2j6qAec to find out more and to find the Expressions of Interest form. If you have any questions email brad@backpackermedics.org

Would you like to volunteer with Backpacker Medics?

IMG_1448Since 2012, BPM has helped more than 150 volunteers change their view on the world. You see, when you volunteer with BPM you’re not just signing up for the adventure of a lifetime- without even knowing it, you’re acquiring a new family and a bunch of friends that will last forever!

And you’ll change many lives along the way.

We’re really proud of our “BPM Family” and we’re always looking to make it bigger: we have volunteer programmes available year-round for Paramedics, Ambulance Officers, students, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and a host of other professions (yep- Backpacker Medics aren’t just medics!!).

Shoot us an email with your name, your current resume attached and a short introduction of yourself…

EMAIL: info@backpackermedics.org


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