P1050787Backpacker Medics is a platform for Paramedics and other pre-hospital workers to engage with the world of humanitarian work.

Our goal is simple: to take effective medical care to those who need it most.

We are a wholly volunteer and donation-based project which endeavours to provide paramedical services in the truest sense: by working “beside” existing organisations and authorities to deliver mobile pre-hospital healthcare and community education.

What we aim to provide:

  • Mobile and self-sufficient first aid and medical treatment for remote and rural communities.
  • Connection of remote and rural patients with the most appropriate health services, treatment, specialist care and knowledge base.
  • Community engagement and education promoting ‘best practice’ health ideals.
  • An ongoing platform for Paramedics to engage with the world of humanitarian healthcare and education.
  • Appropriate equipment and resources to support Paramedics working ‘in the field’.



Everyone involved with Backpacker Medics has travelled extensively, often returning from far-flung destinations with a burning desire to use their skills to help the communities they encounter.

One common thread of their ‘traveller’s tales’ is that the people who need the most medical assistance are, often, in the most remote locations. These are places well off the usual tourist trails and, therefore, sometimes largely forgotten. More often than not, the only access to these areas is on foot and the only way to bring in supplies is to carry them. Hence: Backpacker Medics.

All the initial equipment and supplies we use fit into custom-designed backpacks allowing our medics excellent mobility and adaptability.

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