One of the fundamental principles of Backpacker Medics is that we like to work beside existing organisations and authorities to achieve our aims. Nowhere in the world is this more important than in countries hackled by corruption and red-tape.


In response to casualties from the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar less than two months ago, the core members of Backpacker Medics decided it was time to send our Australian Disaster Response Group to Bangladesh.

A select group of highly-trained individuals – all with extensive clinical, travel and operational backgrounds, were immediately deployed to Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. 

The Mission of the Australian Disaster Response Group in Bangladesh is:

To provide post-disaster medical care to the Rohingya people in a timely and self-sustainable fashion.

In keeping with our fundamental principles of working alongside local people, we met two local Rohingya doctors who we worked with on our first mission. Dr Ayub, one of the doctors, was waiting for us when we returned on our second mission and we have been working closely with him and his colleagues on this trip. Together we have treated over 200 cases. Visit our blog for up to date information.


Our initial project, The Moonlight Foundation Nepal (MFN) was founded in 2008 and was a non-profit, non-political, service-oriented social organization which ran a free school for disadvantaged children in Kathmandu. It now has over 80 students in full-time study up to Grade 6. MFN is registered with the District Administration office, the District Development committee and the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu, Nepal.

In 2012, we opened the Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre (MCHC) and we worked very closely with the local officials and agencies to make it work.  Our goal was to put complete ‘control’ for the day-to-day operations and future of the MCHC in the hands of the community. 

In 2017, we did just that and handed it back to the local community who had become an intrinsic part of the day-to-day running of the centre.


  • One Community Healthcare Centre completed and fully-operational…and lots of babies delivered there!

  • 1500+ Children’s Hygiene Sessions delivered 

  • 500+ Women’s Health Kits distributed

  • One Community Rescue Team trained

  • One Community Women’s Health Team trained

  • One Clean Stove Project underway

  • Countless lives changed and 100% community engagement!! 



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