Dr Ayub, RVAN Coordinator attending a patient.

This morning we are ecstatic to announce that the Rohingya Volunteer Ambulance Network (RVAN) project in the Rohingya refugee camps has secured extra funding and- most importantly- will be extended indefinitely!!

After the initial training period in late 2017 by DRG Team 3, BPM committed to providing funding for the project through to May 31st, 2018 (thanks to all our amazing supporters, of course!!!).

Since their formation, the RVAN Team has been servicing the refugee community with such professionalism that people began to take notice! They have even had mountains of praise afforded them by such humanitarian-heavyweights as MSF, Red Crescent and Care International!


The RVAN Team at their initial training graduation.

Eventually, Community Partners International (CPI) appreciated what an amazing, integral service the RVAN was providing and has agreed to “adopt” the team.

CPI is a nonprofit international development organisation dedicated to improving the health of vulnerable populations, with a focus on women and children in conflict-affected, hard-to-reach and underserved communities in Southeast Asia.

The ‘RVANers’ will join the network of 50 existing Community Health Volunteers they employ across the refugee camps, with a vision to train the team as full-fledged Community Health Volunteers, before complete integration into CPI’s programs starting September 1.


RVAN Team member completing a house visit

This full adoption will entail added opportunities for professional training, direct referral relationships with CPI camp clinics, and higher stipends for the volunteers.

We hope that all our supporters are as ecstatic as we are to receive this news! It is a true indication that your support is really really helping those in need.

Thanks to all of you we have, together, been able to make a positive difference on a terrible situation.

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