BPM in Bangladesh…what’s next??

After the successful return of DRG Team 2, many of our supporters have contacted us to ask “…what’s next?”.

IMG_2530This morning we are very pleased to announce that BPM will be deploying a third (and final) DRG team to Bangladesh, deploying on November 27th, 2017. 

This will be a dual-purpose team with the following objectives:

  1. Provide care to the sick and injured Rohingya population in the ever-growing refugee camps, continuing the excellent work of teams 1 & 2
  2. Train a team of Rohingya volunteers to act as a ‘camp ambulance’ (similar to our KRT project in Nepal), the aim of which is to connect patients with health services as they grow in the refugee camps.

The Rohingya Volunteer Ambulance Network (or “R-VAN”, for short) is our solution to a growing problem identified by Team 2. As the team went about their work (especially in the massive Kutapalong 2 camp- which now holds almost 450,000 people), it became increasingly apparent that there was a huge need for the creation of an ambulance network throughout the camps to treat and transport those that are simply too sick to make it to the health clinics.

IMG_2501Essentially, what Team 2 identified was a large – and growing – population which were not only presenting with acute problems resulting from violence and persecution, but also chronic ailments typical of all large populations.

Given the vastness of these camps and the incredibly taxing conditions, our team encountered patients who were becoming critically ill simply because they could not make it to suitable healthcare facilities.

The role of DRG Team 3 will be to work with our partners in Bangladesh (namely Care Intl. and Non-Violent Peace Force) to recruit a team of Rohingya volunteers and train them in basic first aid, patient assessment, extrication and transport. The initial team (around 20 volunteers) will be kitted-out with uniforms, First Aid kits, medical supplies and patient transport equipment (eg: stretchers).

IMG_0335The goal is to grow this team into a network capable of servicing the furthest reaches of the refugee camps. BPM will have an ongoing involvement with these teams in the coming months.

Of course, all this is made possible by the unbelievable support from YOU- our supporters! Please continue to spread the word of our work and keep in touch- your words of support and encouragement really do mean the world to us!!

If you would like to help our mission, you can donate to the Backpacker Medics cause here:   https://chuffed.org/project/bpmdrg-bangladesh#/supporters

For media enquiries please contact Denny Dixon on 0407 160 771 or denny@backpackermedics.org
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