Rohingya Doctors in dire need of support…



Rohingya Dr Ayub

During the recent BPM Disaster Relief Group deployment to Bangladesh, the crew befriended and worked closely with two Rohingya refugee Doctors.

Whilst they left all their supplies and some equipment when they left the, our team knew that there would be dire need in coming months. Yesterday we had word from our local contact, Mr Moslem (pictured, below right), who told us:





Mr Moslem

I have have had several discussions with Rohingya Dr. Ayub and he informed me that there is 3-4 small medical clinics in the refugee camp, but the quality of treatment is very very poor and there is no sufficient supply of medicines or other supplies. He said that day-by-day the refugee patients are deteriorating and no patients are getting proper treatment they deserve, such as your team delivered. They need a continuous, organised medical service, along with counselling and ongoing supply. The situation is very dire.”


IMG_5351As we have been for a number of weeks now, the BPM team are working furiously to obtain official permits and partnerships to work in Bangladesh again. Given the situation, you can only imagine how hard this is!

Simultaneously, we are working on ways to deliver the required supplies and medicines to our Rohingya Doctors- Doctor Ayub and Doctor Rowfique. We are close to solving this dilemma, however could us any support possible!

If you think you can spare a few dollars, please visit our crowdfunding page:


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