Our wonderful July ’17 Volunteers!

Introducing Jacob Gunzburg, Alexis Wilson, Katie Penfold, Ashleigh Keenan, Jessica Brown and Briarley Walden who have spent the past few weeks helping the community in Kerasawara village!

Jacob is a 26 year old Paramedic student from WA. He is currently in his second year of studies at ECU. While not studying, Jacob is employed by St John Ambulance WA as a Patient Transport officer. This allows him to have great conversations with some of the older members of society. Jacob has been travelling to parts of the US, Japan, Vietnam, New Zealand and across the eastern states of Australia. Jacob hopes to make and maintain a strong relationship with the Nepalese people through medical assistance and hard work in their community.

Alexis is currently completing her second year as a paramedic student and hopes to gain experience and exposure from this trip to apply to her studies. Prior to studies she has been travelling around the world and hopes to see as much of it as she can whilst helping people.

Katie is a 28 year old paramedic student at ECU in Perth. She grew up in the UK, and has lived in NZ, she has traveled Europe and parts of Indonesia. Katie hopes to gain a knowledge of the culture in Nepal, and help out where she can.

Ash is a 24 y/o paramedicine student at ECU. She grew up in Karratha, north of WA, where she would spend her time volunteering with St John Ambulance service. She moved to the UK in 2011 with a youth mobility scheme visa to spend the next 2 years working and travelling Europe. She then returned to Karratha where she would save money to then travel to Japan for a month and climb Mt Fuji. Ash moved to Perth in 2016, starting work as a St John transport officer and to kick start her training to become a qualified Paramedic.

Jessica is a 22 yo Graduate Paramedic currently living in Perth, WA. She has volunteered in an Indonesian public hospital and in Johannesburg on-road with paramedics. She is keen to live and submerse herself in Nepalese culture and lifestyle. Jessica is excited to get involved in education and the day to day operations of backpacker medics in Nepal!

Briarley is a 19-year-old student who is currently studying paramedicine at Edith Cowan University. With regards to previous international travel experience, she has been to France and England. On this trip, she hopes to gain a better understanding of life in Nepal and invaluable practical medical experience that she can take with her into her future career.

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