Sensational. Heartbreaking. Humorous. Fulfilling…a Volunteer Trip Report

by Shane Burns; ALS Paramedic and Feb 2017 BPM Volunteer

LastDaySensational. Heartbreaking. Humorous and fulfilling- all words I would use to describe my recent trip with BPM. Having never been to Nepal before, it was an eye opener. The complete culture shock that is Kathmandu …well it cant be adequately explained.
The hosts were wonderful and the village friendly and welcoming. The food was awesome. Hard to imagine that lentils and rice could be so good!!!.
The work…? Well  at times it was frustrating, heartbreaking, overwhelming and yet completely fulfilling. It is something that is so simple yet actually is so important and makes such a difference.  
NepaliDanceoff.The hiking was great, the scenery breathtaking and none of it was too strenuous. 
The Nepali dance offs at night were a highlight and t
he crew of BPM are helpful and all round sensational.
From the trip up into the mountains at night in the back of a truck with all your gear and a group of people you don’t know…. to the ride down the mountains in the back of a dump truck dancing to Highway To Hell with some great friends… it was an amazing adventure! I loved it and will return!!

ps: thank you for this opportunity.. it was life changing!

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