P1070005On the back of exploration work completed in late 2016, we’re ecstatic to announce the introduction of our annual EXPLORATION EXPEDITION. If you wish you were around in the ‘early days’ of BPM when we travelled endless backroads searching for suitable work sites and slept Shiva-knows-where, then sign up NOW!

The goal of this expedition is simple: explore far-flung, rarely-visited areas of Nepal to assess facilities, determine possible work locations and provide highly-mobile medical services.

Initially, the 2017 EXPLORATION EXPEDITION will be open to applications from previous BPM Volunteers ONLY. By necessity there will also be strict fitness and suitability criteria; this trip is not for the fainthearted and will test the limits of even the most hardened travellers.

j_2The 2017 EXPLORATION EXPEDITION will take place over 18 days and is limited to a maximum of 5 volunteers. It will be lead by “the man, the myth, the legend” BPM Nepal Operations Manager Mr Sushant Dahal and BPM Australia Operations and Volunteer Manager, Mr Brad Stewart- a veteran of countless Nepal trips (including the 2015 Earthquake Relief) and the man who designed and implemented the highly-successful Kerasawara Rescue Team.

This expedition will be executed in the truest sense of the word: participants will be require true resilience, self-sufficiency and unbelievable flexibility. If you’re up for the professional challenge of a lifetime, get in touch with us NOW (details below).

DSCN0683 2Details of the 2017 EXPLORATION EXPEDITION are as follows:

  • DATES: 18-Sep-17 ~ 6-Oct-17 (actual expedition dates; participants will need to arrive in Kathmandu a minimum of 1 day prior)
    • Previous BPM volunteering experience
    • High level of hiking-specific fitness
    • Qualified Paramedic/Nurse or minimum final year student (paramedic/nursing) with documented industry experience.
  • COST: NRs 150,000 (exchange rates: http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/)
  • PROPOSED EXPEDITION REGION: Pawai Village- Solukhumbu (To familiarise yourself with the area, click HERE)
  • APPLICATION: In order to secure a position on the 2017 EXPLORATION EXPEDITION, please email volunteer@backpackermedics.org with the following details:
    • Previous BPM Volunteer experience
    • Current Professional Resume
    • History of hiking/outdoor/fitness experience
    • Details of any extra skills/knowledge you will bring to the team.


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