Hit the trail with BPM in 2017


VOL TABThroughout 2017-18, BPM will be aiming to return to our ‘roots’ with more mobile health services in new regions and also some old favourites. The ultimate goal for all our trips during this period will be to put the ‘backpacker’ back into Backpacker Medics!

Our monthly volunteer trips will be basing themselves in known villages (on a month-to-month rotating basis), however will be tasked with ‘spreading the love’ as wide as possible. Working with local communities, health workers and authorities, these trips will slowly-but-surely deliver healthcare to more people in need.

  • BASE #1: DHADING: Nalang and Salang regions

dsc_3419Over the past few months Dhading has provided amazing opportunities for BPM volunteers. With the help of Siddha Samaj Sewa Nepal (SSSN), we have been able to work in six different health posts (2- government and 4- SSSN operated)- all in remote regions throughout the area. We have also been able to visit more than 10 different schools to provide health and hygiene education.

An exciting recent development is that BPM has been approached by SSSN to take over operational control of a local medical center. This offer has been made on the basis of the excellent work from previous volunteers and would allow BPM to expand it’s operation in Dhading and possibly further into the Gorkha region. Negotiations between BPM Nepal and SSSN are underway.

For the next 18 months, Dhading will act as BPM’s “western base”, allowing volunteers to expand our services in the region.

The following 2017 Volunteer trips will visit DHADING:

  • 15-Apr-17 ~ 28-Apr-17
  • 29-Jun-17 ~ 12-Jul-17
  • 7-Sept-17 ~ 20-Sept-17
  • 27-Nov-17 ~ 10-Dec-17

To familiarise yourself with the DHADING region, click HERE

  • BASE #2: OKHALDHUNGA: Narayan Sthan, Kettuke and Parapcha

13487610_10208737139963309_351527681_nAfter a short break from our work in this region, BPM will be returning to the Moonlight Community Healthcare Center (MCHC) from March 2017! This is where it all began for BPM and we are SUPER excited to be heading back there to take up where we left off.

Operationally, the MCHC has now been handed over to the Mahadevstan Samaj Sewa Committee (MSSC) who will oversee all daily operations of the center and will report to BPM Nepal.

The next 18 months will bring very exciting times for the MCHC and surrounding communities as we implement a “rotating homestay” programme (this means more of community will have access to our volunteers) and continue our work on key projects such as the KRT, the WHI and our Kids Morning Health and Hygiene Programme.

It is our ultimate goal to expand these programmes into surrounding villages and to engage the local school system on a much deeper level (plans are currently underway to provide a “Brighten Up With Brushing” dental hygiene programme to elementary schools in the region).

The following 2017 Volunteer trips will visit OKHALDHUNGA:

  • 20-Mar-17 ~ 2-Apr-17
  • 11-May-17 ~ 24-May-17
  • 4-Jun-17 ~ 17-Jun-17
  • 22-Jul-17 ~ 4-Aug-17
  • 28-Oct-17 ~ 10-Nov-17
  • 18-Dec-17 ~ 31-Dec-17

To familiarise yourself with the OKHALDHUNGA region, click HERE

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