As many of our followers would be aware, the BPM Team has been hard at work over the past few months searching out new and exciting locations throughout Nepal to expand our services and deliver our skills to those that need it most.

15943395_726962340792387_722003574_oOn the back of the recent fact-finding mission conducted by Sushant, Brad and Anthony, we’ve been able to map out a plan for the upcoming 18 months which we hope will see BPM reach astronomical new heights!

If you’re a previous volunteer, there’s some exciting new opportunities; if you’re thinking about volunteering, then get onboard…and if you’re looking for some very unique professional challenges, then read on!

The following is a summary of the changes we’ve got planned…we hope it gets you as excited as we are!

BPM NEPAL: At the core of our 2017 expansions will be the establishment of BPM NEPAL– an officially registered non-governmental organisation “in-country”. The role of BPM NEPAL will be to act as the ‘umbrella organisation’ for the co-ordination of a number of ever-expanding programmes throughout the country, including our work in established areas such as Olkhadunga. BPM Nepal will be registered with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal and will be governed by a centralised committee, under the ultimate guidance of BPM Australia. The official registration process is nearing completion- so stay tuned!

IMG_7768MONTHLY VOLUNTEER EXPEDITIONS: Throughout 2017-18, BPM will be aiming to return to our ‘roots’ with more mobile health services in new regions and also some old favourites. The ultimate goal for all our trips during this period will be to put the ‘backpacker’ back into Backpacker Medics!

Our monthly volunteer trips will be basing themselves in known villages (on a month-to-month rotating basis), however will be tasked with ‘spreading the love’ as wide as possible. Working with local communities, health workers and authorities, these trips will slowly-but-surely deliver healthcare to more people in need.

  • BASE #1: DHADING: Nalang and Salang regions

Over the past few months Dhading has provided amazing opportunities for BPM volunteers. With the help of Siddha Samaj Sewa Nepal (SSSN), we have been able to work in six different health posts (2- government and 4- SSSN operated)- all in remote regions throughout the area. We have also been able to visit more than 10 different schools to provide health and hygiene education.

An exciting recent development is that BPM has been approached by SSSN to take over operational control of a local medical center. This offer has been made on the basis of the excellent work from previous volunteers and would allow BPM to expand it’s operation in Dhading and possibly further into the Gorkha region. Negotiations between BPM Nepal and SSSN are underway.

For the next 18 months, Dhading will act as BPM’s “western base”, allowing volunteers to expand our services in the region.

The following 2017 Volunteer trips will visit DHADING:

  • 15-Apr-17 ~ 28-Apr-17
  • 29-Jun-17 ~ 12-Jul-17
  • 7-Sept-17 ~ 20-Sept-17
  • 27-Nov-17 ~ 10-Dec-17

To familiarise yourself with the DHADING region, click HERE

  • BASE #2: OKHALDHUNGA: Narayan Sthan, Kettuke and Parapcha


After a short break from our work in this region, BPM will be returning to the Moonlight Community Healthcare Center (MCHC) from March 2017! This is where it all began for BPM and we are SUPER excited to be heading back there to take up where we left off.

Operationally, the MCHC has now been handed over to the Mahadevstan Samaj Sewa Committee (MSSC) who will oversee all daily operations of the center and will report to BPM Nepal.

The next 18 months will bring very exciting times for the MCHC and surrounding communities as we implement a “rotating homestay” programme (this means more of community will have access to our volunteers) and continue our work on key projects such as the KRT, the WHI and our Kids Morning Health and Hygiene Programme.

It is our ultimate goal to expand these programmes into surrounding villages and to engage the local school system on a much deeper level (plans are currently underway to provide a “Brighten Up With Brushing” dental hygiene programme to elementary schools in the region).

The following 2017 Volunteer trips will visit OKHALDHUNGA:

  • 20-Mar-17 ~ 2-Apr-17
  • 11-May-17 ~ 24-May-17
  • 4-Jun-17 ~ 17-Jun-17
  • 22-Jul-17 ~ 4-Aug-17
  • 28-Oct-17 ~ 10-Nov-17
  • 18-Dec-17 ~ 31-Dec-17

To familiarise yourself with the OKHALDHUNGA region, click HERE

samjana_2 copy2017 EXPLORATION EXPEDITION: On the back of exploration work completed in late 2016, we’re ecstatic to announce the introduction of our annual EXPLORATION EXPEDITION. If you wish you were around in the ‘early days’ of BPM when we travelled endless backroads searching for suitable work sites and slept shiva-knows-where, then sign up NOW!

The goal of this expedition is simple: explore far-flung, rarely-visited areas of Nepal to assess facilities, determine possible work locations and provide highly-mobile medical services.

Initially, the 2017 EXPLORATION EXPEDITION will be open to applications from previous BPM Volunteers ONLY. By necessity there will also be strict fitness and suitability criteria; this trip is not for the fainthearted and will test the limits of even the most hardened travellers.

The 2017 EXPLORATION EXPEDITION will take place over 18 days and is limited to a maximum of 5 volunteers. It will be lead by “the man, the myth, the legend” BPM Nepal Operations Manager Mr Sushant Dahal and BPM Australia Operations and Volunteer Manager, Mr Brad Stewart- a veteran of countless Nepal trips (including the 2015 Earthquake Relief) and the man who designed and implemented the highly-successful Kerasawara Rescue Team.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This expedition will be executed in the truest sense of the word: participants will be require true resilience, self-sufficiency and unbelievable flexibility. If you’re up for the professional challenge of a lifetime, get in touch with us NOW (details below).

Details of the 2017 EXPLORATION EXPEDITION are as follows:

  • DATES: 18-Sep-17 ~ 6-Oct-17 (actual expedition dates; participants will need to arrive in Kathmandu a minimum of 1 day prior)
    • Previous BPM volunteering experience
    • High level of hiking-specific fitness
    • Qualified Paramedic/Nurse or minimum final year student (paramedic/nursing) with documented industry experience.
  • COST: NRs 150,000 (exchange rates: http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/)
  • PROPOSED EXPEDITION REGION: Pawai Village- Solukhumbu (To familiarise yourself with the area, click HERE)
  • APPLICATION: In order to secure a position on the 2017 EXPLORATION EXPEDITION, please email volunteer@backpackermedics.org with the following details:
  • Previous BPM Volunteer experience
  • Current Professional Resume
  • History of hiking/outdoor/fitness experience
  • Details of any extra skills/knowledge you will bring to the team.

2017 EXPEDITION MEDIC – MOUNTAIN MEDIC COURSE: In 2017 BPM will be partnering with EARTHTRAILS EXPEDITIONS and SURVIVE FIRST AID to deliver an Expedition and Mountain Medic course like no other!

Over 24 days, participants in the 2017 EXPEDITION MEDIC-MOUNTAIN MEDIC COURSE will be undertake a 12 day trek through the magnificent Annapurna Sanctuary whilst completing theory presentations, practical demonstrations, hands-on practice, and scenario management along the way (estimated daily course duration is 4-6 hours of theory and practice, including trekking). Following delivery of the course, participants will then travel to BPM’s Dhading base to volunteer in the surrounding communities.

20170105_121203This program introduces the skills and knowledge required to recognise and respond to life threatening emergencies using basic life support measures to sick and injured patients in remote mountainous locations. Incorporating contemporary and evidence-based techniques and equipment to extend the care-giving capability of the Remote Area Wilderness Medic.

Elements of the course will be delivered by BPM Founder and Lead Paramedic, Nathan Burns, whilst BPM Nepal Operations Manager Sushant Dahal will be helping to orchestrate proceedings

This course is not only for qualified medical professionals- all levels of interest are welcome, including students, outdoor education and guiding professionals and recreational expeditioners. If you’ve always wanted to hone your expedition skills in a real setting, then this is the course for you!


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