Volunteer with Backpacker Medics!

Since 2012, BPM has helped more than 150 volunteers change their view on the world. You see, when you volunteer with BPM you’re not just signing up for the adventure of a lifetime- without even knowing it, you’re acquiring a new family and a bunch of friends that will last forever!

AND… you’ll change many lives along the way.

We’re really proud of our “BPM Family” and we’re always looking to make it bigger: we have volunteer programmes available year-round for Paramedics, Ambulance Officers, students, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and a host of other professions (yep- Backpacker Medics aren’t just medics!!).

We’ve created an epic 14-day programme for volunteers which includes clinical work, remote trekking to explore the region, community assistance days, clinical excursions to surrounding villages, festivals, celebrations, unbelievable hospitality…and heaps of other cool experiences that are just FAAAAARRRRR too numerous to list here! And in 2017, we are more dynamic and mobile than ever before!

There are positions available in this programme on a monthly basis…but they fill up fast, so if you’re keen, register your interest today!


What are you waiting for?…Come and join the BPM family! We are a special bunch!

2017 DATES:

30th January – 13th February
20th March – 2nd April
15th April – 28th April
11th May – 24th May
4th June – 17th June
29th June – 12th July
22nd July – 4th August
14th August – 27th August
7th September – 20th September
28th October – 10th November
27th November – 10th December
18th December – 31st December

Head to our website here to register your interest!



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