Our January 2017 Volunteers!


David Eldershaw

Introducing our first lot of volunteers for 2017!…

David Eldershaw is 32 years old from Bundaberg. He is currently studying Paramedicine and Nursing in Brisbane. For the past 10 years he has work in Canada and Australia, chasing winters, as a ski patroller. In between ski seasons he would spend two month travelling, limited only by his (usually small) budget! David loves the outdoors and is always up for an adventure. During his trip, he hopes to gain a better understanding of the culture and make a real contribution to the people and their healthcare.



Tyla Owen

Tyla Owen is 24 years old and is studying Paramedicine and Nursing. Before deciding to study, like David, she was a Ski Patroller in Canada and Australia who also loved to travel between ski seasons! Her favourite destination so far has been Iceland, and she hopes to return there soon. She cannot wait to bathe in the Nepalese culture and assist those in need!


Gail Fewson (left)

Gail Fewson is a Nursing student and feels like she has been there a decade! She has worked in Aged Care for 23 years and feels she needs a change. She has a strong desire to do humanitarian Nursing, and has plans in the future to spend extended periods of time in Nepal on completion of her studies. Gail is passionate about human and animal rights and loves Nepal! She has been several times and considers it to be her second home.


Kylie Amundsen

Kylie Amundsen is a Registered Nurse from New Zealand who moved to Australia four years ago. Kylie grew up in a rural farming community, where her sense of adventure and passion for the outdoors began to grow from a young age. She is a devoted mother to five children who loves to travel and experience different cultures and lifestyles. In her spare time, she loves to sew and spend time with her family. It has been a lifelong dream to volunteer overseas, and she is looking forward to helping out in the community.


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