Our brilliant December volunteers!


Ella Walter

We currently have SEVEN amazing volunteer in Nepal!

Ella Walter has just completed her second year of Paramedicine at ECU. She is a full time student, part time carer and loves to travel! She has been looking forward to travelling to Nepal with BPM to meet new people, use the clinical skills she has learnt so far and have unique experiences!


Harry Grisdale

Harry Grisdale is currently studying Nursing. He is originally from South Africa, is thoroughly enjoying his studies so far and is hoping to gain more exposure in rural and remote care settings.


Jake Lymn

Jake Lymn is a Paramedicine Student for ECU. Jake loves the outdoors, hiking, and hopes to take his Paramedicine career into remote and wilderness environments. He looks forward to gaining some more insight into these settings, as well as experiencing the Nepali culture.


Jesse McNeilly

Jesse McNeilly is a 31 year old Army veteran who now works in Emergency Response and Public Safety. His experience is spread over military operations, deployment, disaster response, security contracting, medical first response, first aid training, mine rescue, fire fighting and safety management. He enjoys working in Austere environment to provide and achieve positive outcomes. Jesse enjoys trekking, the outdoors and adventure, and is thoroughly looking forward to the Backpacker Medic experience in Nepal.


Jessica Buck

Jessica Buck is a 20 year old Paramedicine student in her second year at ECU. Jessica spends her spare time volunteering for St John Ambulance WA, working in her field as an Event First Aider, and can also shake up a great cocktail working as a barmaid! Jessica has been fortunate to do a lot of other travelling, and looks forward to extending these experiences in Nepal.


Kayla Howard

Kayla Howard is a second year Paramedicine student at ECU. Kayla also has been fortunate to do a lot of travel, but has been particularly looking forward to travelling to Nepal. Kayla is a St John Ambulance WA volunteer, and has also previously volunteered for the RSPCA! Kayla is looking forward to experiencing a new culture and the Backpacker Medics experience.


Laura Wells

Laura Wells is involved with running an Emergency Management and Training company. This is Laura’s first experience working in a remote health care setting and she is looking forward to it. Laura is extremely enthusiastic, and has a very practical and realistic awareness of what is good care. Laura is particularly keen to work with the children on the trip, to encourage them to learn good health and safety that will benefit them into adulthood.

We love our December 2016 volunteers! Thanks for your great work and we are stoked to have you on board as the new additions to the Backpacker Medics family.


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