Our November 2016 volunteers…



Jade is a 19 year old Paramedicine student from Perth. When she is not studying at ECU, she is a volunteer fire fighter and working as a pool lifeguard. Jade is always keen to volunteer and up for an adventure. She can’t wait to join the Backpacker Medics family!



Kieran is a 21 year old Paramedicine student from Perth. When he is not working at the milk factory, Keiran enjoys playing Hockey and Floorball. Kieran hopes to gain a better perspective on the world during his visit to Nepal.



Leah is a 26 year old Nursing student from Perth. She is in her second year of study, and works as a hairdresser and nursing assistance whilst studying. Leah has been lucky to have travelled the world extensively, but has really been looking forward to her trip to Nepal to get a better understanding of rural healthcare as well as having an amazing life experience!



Madi is a Paramedic from South East Queensland. She has been working on road for three years and is looking forward to gaining some experience working in a remote community. She has a passion for travel, and is eager to explore Nepal. Madi looks forward to immersing herself in the Nepali culture and contributing to the Backpacker Medic community.



Sheehan is a 21 year old student Registered Nurse from Perth. He is looking forward to using his skills for those in need, as well as having an amazing experience and making lifelong friends.



Rachel is an ICU nurse from Perth. Originally from New Zealand, Rachel loves a challenge, adventure, and is looking forward to returning to Nepal as a volunteer.

Good luck to all these amazing individuals! Thank you for your contribution to the Backpacker Medics program and we hope you have an amazing experience!

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