Kerasawara in deep mourning

P1050890Yesterday morning the Backpacker Medics Family awoke to some horrible, heart-wrenching news.

Jenni Rai- 4 year-old daughter of Nar Rai (Moonlight Community Healthcare Center Committe President) and Punamaya had passed away.

Jenni drowned in a small body of water near the family home.

Our volunteers – James Leahy, Matt Botica and Fiia Porter – performed CPR on Jenni for an extended amount of time, continuing for close to 4 hours as she was taken to the Mission Hospital in Olkhadunga.

Tragically, Jenni was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Needless to say, this has been a horrible, horrible incident for all involved. Those of us not in Kerasawara right now can only imagine the pain that Nar, Punamaya and the rest of the community are feeling. 

P1030525It has also been an extremely emotional and testing time for our team; there is no doubt that they are feeling the pain of Jenni’s loss deeply.

Everyone who has visited Kerasawara has experienced the unbelievable love, friendship and hospitality of Nar, Punamaya and their family and will no doubt all be greatly saddened by this event.

We would like to recognise the immense efforts and professionalism of the Backpacker Medics Team who dealt with this incident. As always, Sushant showed inspirational leadership and maturity, whilst Dhabal (our Nurse), James, Matt and Fiia were decisive, professional, caring and supportive at every step. 

P1000301Many of us have known Jenni since she was born; the vast majority of us have felt the sunshine of her smile. 

Our hearts, thoughts and love are with Nar and Punamaya at this terrible time.

Rest peacefully Little Jenni. 

Everyone at Backpacker Medics.

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One Response to Kerasawara in deep mourning

  1. Patricia Nolan says:

    I am thinking of the family and the community at such a sad time.

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