Humbled and grateful… Thank you James!

A few weeks ago, we featured one of our volunteers, James Leahy. James is currently in Kerasawara and has just been the reason for a pretty special presentation!


James and Nar Rai

James initially had a goal to raise $1000 before travelling to Nepal. With lots of support from family, friends and coworkers, we are proud to announce that
James has raised an amazing $6700!

James’ fund raising will directly fund the installation of a reliable
solar energy system for the Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre.
This is a project that Backpacker Medics has wanted to get off the ground for a while,
and the installation of electricity for the MCHC will be a real game changer! It will bring us a step closer to becoming a Registered Birthing Center, allowing for a full vaccination programme to be implemented and opening up the possibility of of vocational night training for the community, amongst many other possibilities!

The team at Backpacker Medics are continually blown away with  how all of our volunteers continue to surprise, humble and touch us with their sheer dedication and generosity.

Thank you James and to everybody who donated to our cause!




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One Response to Humbled and grateful… Thank you James!

  1. Ian & Wendy Dyer says:

    that’s amazing!!

    Well done 🙂



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