2017 Volunteer Trip Dates

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter much planning, conversation and a little bit of help from the stars (yep…our Nepal Project Manager even consulted an astrologist!!), we’re pleased to announce the dates for our 2017 Volunteer Trips.

Without doubt 2017 will be out biggest year to date, with 14 massive two-week trips planned! 

Every programme includes clinical work in the Moonlight Community Health Centre, remote trekking to explore the region, community assistance days, clinical excursions to surrounding villages, festivals, celebrations, unbelievable hospitality…and heaps of other cool experiences that are just FAAAAARRRRR too numerous to list here! 

DSCN0683 2If you’re really interested in changing lives (including your own!), then it’s time to join the BPM family.

Positions are available for Paramedics, Ambulance Officers, students, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and a host of other professions (yep- Backpacker Medics aren’t just medics)….but they fill up fast- so get in quick!

All 2017 dates are listed below, or you can visit our VOLUNTEER PAGE for more information.

What are you waiting for?…Come and join the BPM family!

5-Jan-17 ~ 18-Jan-17

30-Jan-17 ~ 13-Feb-17

24-Feb-17 ~ 9-Mar-17P1030233

20-Mar-17 ~ 2-Apr-17

15-Apr-17 ~ 28-Apr-17

11-May-17 ~ 24-May-17

4-Jun-17 ~ 17-Jun-17

29-Jun-17 ~ 12-Jul-17

22-Jul-17 ~ 4-Aug-17

14-Aug-17 ~ 27-Aug-17

7-Sept-17 ~ 20-Sept-17

28-Oct-17 ~ 10-Nov-17

27-Nov-17 ~ 10-Dec-17

18-Dec-17 ~ 31-Dec-17

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