One year on: re-doubling our efforts.

This week marks the one year anniversary of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake- an event that changed the country forever- effecting over two million people and destroying whole villages, livelihoods and families.


Andy and Brad- part of the 2015 BPM Earthquake Response Team- working in Nepal just days after the earthquake.

Whilst Kathmandu and other affected centres try to slowly rebuild, the people of Nepal continue to live with the after-effects: victims are still living in tents and under tarps, schools remain closed, essential services remain unopened and families in regional Nepal have spent most of this year cut off from the city due to politically-driven fuel and transport blockades.

Recently, many of the BPM team were fortunate enough to travel to Nepal and celebrate the wedding of two of our staff. Whilst honoured to witness the happiness of the newlyweds and take part in the celebration with their families, we also saw first-hand the continued devastation left behind from the 2015 Earthquake.

It left a sadness in our hearts.

Our hearts sank at the notable lack of tourists in the Kathmandu valley, as the Nepali people rely on tourism to boost the economy. Since the earthquake it has been reported that tour bookings have dropped by a staggering 90%.


Just one of many, many devastated villages the BPM team visited.

We looked on with disbelieving eyes at the effects of the ongoing fuel crisis- a persistent political disaster that continues to stranglehold the poorest people of Nepal.

And we simply shook our heads at the Nepali Government which has focused on passing controversial policies that benefit nobody, rather than rebuilding and offering aid to those who desperately need it. In short, government institutions have failed to lead the reconstruction and recovery efforts, and in turned have failed the people.

As we walked the streets of Kathmandu and conversed with our local staff and others, each of the BPM team had one resolve: to double our efforts to help the people of this great, yet tragic nation- for we know that the Nepali people are resilient like no other and will move on from this disaster to once again welcome the world with open arms and smiling hearts.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP?? There are many, many ways you can help BPM make a difference in Nepal: donate via our webpage, send us some books, clothing, pencils or other educational materials, get involved as a volunteer, or contact us for travel tips and contacts! Email:

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