DRG behind the scenes…

Following the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015, the core members of BPM who made up the Earthquake Relief Team decided that (as an organisation) we needed to be better prepared for future disasters both in Nepal and around the globe.

And so, the BPM Disaster Response Group (DRG) was established.

The AIM of the BPM Disaster Response Group is: To provide medical aid in areas of the world that do not otherwise have the capability to mobilise aid in remote regions. Including (but not limited to), mountainous, arduous and potentially dangerous terrain.

If you have followed the recent journey of the DRG, you would know about our highly successful fundraisers which have been invaluable to supporting this phenomenal initiative. However, you may not know what really goes on behind the scenes! It is because of our group of highly-trained individuals who are the heart and soul of this operation that it is such a successful initiative. Without their time and efforts it would not be possible. All have previous BPM volunteer experience and extensive clinical, travel and operational backgrounds. These individuals, outside of their work, study and family lives, put in a tremendous amount of time and effort into ensuring that they are well prepared to be deployed at any time.

Backpacker Medics would like to thank them sincerely for their efforts! Check out the picture below! Some of the guys working around the clock to get stuff done! Inspiring stuff!


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