#TeamTuesday Presents: EMMA

#TeamTuesday IS BACK.

This morning your  #TeamTuesday post is from Emma Sparkman. You may remember her from such posts as: Daily tracking and updates of the DRG during their earthquake relief efforts, Sewing up a storm with Days For Girls and her infamous Talking ’bout lady bits post. 

Emma Poonam

I could sit here and talk for days about the amazing experiences and motivation BPM gives me, but instead I am going to talk about growth. I joined BPM at what could be called the perfect time. Truthfully, 2014 had me feeling out of touch with my clinical skills and feeling like I needed a bit of a shake up and a chance to refocus on the important things in life.

BPM wasn’t advertising for volunteers when I initially got into contact, and then all of a sudden I was signing up to help with the GRAND OPENING OF THE CLINIC!!!! I booked my tickets within a couple of days and was on my way to Nepal in a blink of an eye. My life was definitely shaken up.

My position with BPM has grown with my interests over the past 2 years which all developed due to the June 2014 trip. I started out as a student volunteer and now (if you live in Perth) you might see me pop up at conventions, schools, knitting groups, fundraisers…( well anywhere really), talking about the volunteer experience and how you can be involved and get amongst it. I have become incredibly passionate about women’s health and the delivery of workshops and empowering women through education.Emma.jpg

Which brings me to my first point; I have been lucky enough to see the development of BPM’s women’s health initiative from a small delivery in a basement to a small paper module delivered by volunteers to a thoroughly developed (months and months in the making) workshop. With this I have seen our amazing interpreters empowering themselves and others by taking it upon themselves to spread the knowledge gained from BPM to people all around Nepal, which when I think about or talk about, get’s me a little emotional.

Womens group

Here is my next segway and one that changed my perspective on friendship.

Friendship has no boundaries…… and technology helps get over boundaries anyway 😉
I have not only met, but became instant friends with people from all over Nepal and Aust, because friendship is something that BPM is good at creating. A group of like minded people, from different countries, with different background, all with the deep desire to improve health care for others, are bound to have lasting friendships.

Perfect example of this style of friendship, happened to me when I was sitting alone with Rita after we had just celebrated her daughters naming ceremony. She and I spoke no English or Nepali, respectively, and some how managed a conversation by pointing, repeating words, smiling and laughing. – I have been told on occasion, that my attempts at speaking Nepalese resemble a small child with a really bad accent, which, according to Sabrina, Poonam and Manzuu is ‘very cute’. Hahahhaha!!!Rita and baby.jpg

I exchange messages and pictures on a weekly basis to my Nepali family and miss them greatly. I have shared so many laughs with our group, not giggles, but the type of laughter that comes from the belly; big, loud, full body laughter… and I have experienced the sickening, panicked fulled fear and foreboding as I waited to hear from everyone to be declared safe and sound from the devastation that this years earthquake caused.

I am proud of everything I have accomplished with BPM but am more than proud to be apart of an organisation that inspires people daily.


Emma and kid.jpg

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