#TeamTuesday presents… Tina!

IMG_5311 - CopyThis week for our latest #TeamTuesday, the BPM team introduces you to Tina Buri. Tina was a member of our July/August 2015 volunteer trip. Since her return, Tina has joined the BPM Social Media team, and has kept in very close contact with her “family” in Nepal, hoping to visit again soon in early 2016. 11887841_10152937812985946_2613776057638664624_n

This week Tina reflects on her trip, and one of her most treasured memories…

Nepal was a completely lifechanging experience for me. Upon my return, many people would ask “How was the trip? Tell me all about it!”. Most of the time, I can never put into words how it made me feel. I usually get goosebumps, and have a million amazing flashbacks of all the memories I have held dear to my heart. My response is usually a great big smile, a deep breath, long pause and the words “I literally can not put into words how phenomenal it was”.

I think this would resonate with a lot of our volunteers. Before you leave, you realise how important the work the BPM team is providing in Nepal but look forward to seeing it with your own eyes. You leave with a great sense of wanting to be of service and contribute to the community. I had an open heart and an open mind, and I think this is key to not only doing good work in a professional sense, but certainly in creating an amazing lifelong personal experience.

My favourite memory of my time in Nepal would without a doubt be the birth of a healthy baby girl we had on day 3 in the village. I was always hoping that we would have a birth on our watch. I love babies (and was quickly nicknamed named the baby stealer by my DSC08710fellow vollies!). However, I knew this was always a long shot! On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the village, our group was returning from our hike to Rumjata Hospital in the late afternoon. I was quite tired and making my way up the last 200m incline back to the village at a leisurely pace. Sushant turned to me and said “I am going to tell you something that is going to make you run really fast up DSC09086this hill”. I looked at him, exhausted, and said “I highly doubt it!”. He then proceeded to tell me that there was a young woman in the clinic, giving birth to a baby as we speak. At first, I laughed. Sushant knew how much I was hoping that this would happen but thought that he was using it against me to kick my butt and hurry me up the hill. I started to run anyway, telling Sushant that DSC09092he was in so much trouble if he was lying to me!… but he wasn’t!

Our beautiful young mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Robina, on Sunday 26th July. It was the most amazing experience and I felt so blessed to be a part of it. It really put life into perspective for me, and proved first hand how important the MCHC was to the community. If the clinic wasn’t there, she would have likely had her baby at home or in the middle of a rice field! A few days later, I visited her at home. She was a perfect little girl! It was such a special part of my journey. I hope that when I return to Nepal I will be able to catch up with this beautiful young family and have many more baby cuddles!IMG_5066

If you are thinking about joining in on a BPM trip, just go ahead and do it! You won’t regret it! My advice to future volunteers would be to write a diary. I bought a beautiful handmade diary in Kathmandu, and wrote in it every day in the village. It was a really therapeutic exercise and is the best souvenir I have of my trip to Nepal. I read it often with very fond memories and it always makes me smile!

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