Current Commodity Crisis in Nepal

Sushant Dahal with the latest from Nepal…

Nepal is currently facing a critical commodity crisis. India has unofficially shutdown their borders due to their dissatisfaction in Nepal’s Constitution published on September 20th 2015. The crisis has created a huge fuel shortage, making each and everyone’s life a lot harder and more miserable. The transport system itself has almost completely shutdown. Many hotels and restaurant are being forced to shut or limit their services due to shortage of the gas. The problem is ongoing and seems to be far from a resolution as it has created a significant strain on the Indo-Nepal relationship, both politically and diplomatically.
nepal feul 2 nepal feul
This has had an impact on the operation of the BPM project in Nepal. Due to the fuel shortage, transportation is just barely possible on your own. Our recent volunteer trip had this problem, where the jeep was out of fuel on its way to K-village, but luckily the fuel ran out very near to MCHC. Likewise, we had started earthworks to flatten areas around the MCHC compound. The excavator working on the site had to stop for few days because there was no fuel available to operate it. Similarly, finding jeeps to and back from the village has been difficult. Due to the conditions the operational jeep numbers are low, and what is available is coming at a premium charge. Luckily, we secured jeeps for our last volunteer trip, but if this scenario continues, I’d have to say we’ll have to start our hike to village from Kathmandu itself!

Hopefully the situation will be resolved soon and Nepal will move on to prosperous future with its new constitution; addressing the rights of each and every Nepalese person, ethnic, cultural and religious group.

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