#TeamTuesday Kamarra talks about food, GLORIOUS FOOD!

Our newest #TeamTuesday post is written by the lovely Kamarra, who writes about eye opening experiences and the importance of  healthy well balanced nutrition.


I went on the February 2015 trip and had an extremely eye opening experience. There were many moments that took my breath away, including trekking in Kerasawara and seeing the Moonlight Community Health Centre dangling on a cliff’s edge, feeling instantly at home and part of the host family with their overwhelming hospitality, and watching all the villagers do backbreaking work just to produce small things like bowls, rice, food, ect that we Sitting with Surioften take for granted here in Australia. 

I was so humbled by working with the children who were all so happy and intelligent and healthy whilst living with just the basic necessities of life. Most of my favourite memories revolve around food: eating it, preparing it, and teaching about it!

With my interest and education in nutrition, I held a little information session for the village children to hopefully keep them eating the natural healthy local diet and away Foodfrom the ever increasing infiltration of lollies and processed food that we were sadly seeing littered along the hillside. I also helped the women in the village prepare a huge picnic on the last weekend for the kids to enjoy using basic tools, a man-made fire, and preparing every dish from scratch, and it was delicious! The flavours, the smells, the sights, and the smiling faces will always make me want to go back to beautiful Nepal!!    

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