Kerasawara Women’s Health Initiative PROGRAMME LAUNCH~!

After almost six months in the making, everyone at BPM is very proud to announce the Kerasawara Women’s Health Initiative (K.W.H.I): a dedicated, highly-trained and free women’s health programme for the Kerasawara community!

February 2015: Women's Health Session, Kerasawara village.

February 2015: Women’s Health Session, Kerasawara village.

The concept behind the K.W.H.I is simple: to improve the lives and overall health of women in the community through dedicated education, ongoing support and greater community awareness of the issues affecting the health of women in Nepal.

The K.W.H.I will kick-off in February 2016 when a dedicated group of women’s health volunteers will travel from Australia to the village to train a group of six village women. These women will form a core group of community educators and will be trained in basic anatomy and physiology, puberty and life stages, menstruation, pregnancy, basic obstetrics, paediatric first aid, sex education and contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and common gynaecological disorders and holistic health care and general wellbeing.

The future of women's health...

The future of women’s health…

Since we first started working in Kerasawara (way back in 2012!), BPM has identified women’s health as a major community concern. Over the past few months BPM conducted a survey of 50 women in the Kerasawara community to further quantify the need for a service such as this. Some of the responses only re-inforced our determination to help. As an example: 

  • ALL the women surveyed either ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that in Nepal it is a woman’s job to simply have babies, cook and clean.
  • ALL the women surveyed identified miscarriage as a common complication of pregnancy in their community.
  • 19.4% of women surveyed had experienced an out-of-hospital abortion
  • The youngest identified age for giving birth amongst participants was 14 years of age
  • 54.8% of women surveyed identified prolapse uterus as the most common complication associated with childbirth.
  • 100% of women surveyed stated that if there was a dedicated women’s health support team in their community they would feel confident in using it!!!!
Education sessions like this Female Health meeting are the key to success.

Education sessions like this Female Health meeting are the key to success.

The long term benefits of better education and health support for the Kerasawara community speak for themselves. Nevertheless, BPM has carefully outlined a set of core goals for the K.W.H.I: 

  • To create a safe and inclusive learning environment for the whole community.
  • To foster a new generation of educated, informed and proactive women.
  • To elevate women’s health to a high priority community issue.
  • To offer high quality women’s health resources and knowledge.
  • To support the training and ongoing development of the Women’s Health Team.

We sincerely hope that our efforts now will reap wonderful benefits into the future- both in the improved health of women and the vibrancy of the community in general!

P1030649Stay tuned for further updates about the Kerasawara Women’s Health Initiative.

If you’d like to donate or help in this initiative, please contact us at:

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