Introducing ‪#‎TeamTuesdays‬.

Introducing ‪#‎TeamTuesdays‬.

12002409_518084288351446_6348383827090268945_oOur amazing volunteers will be sharing stories of their time in Nepal.

Noush traveled to Nepal in February 2015 and here’s what she had to say:

These pictures represent some of the most significant memories I have of my trip. We had a little hike to halfway to Ramjatar and came across the shrine/temple.
11999845_518084275018114_7186121632563310410_oThere was this majestic Buddha tree and we all migrated up there about the shrine. After about a minute of being under the tree all our rustling stopped, chatter ceased and we just had this innate sense of calm come about us all. It was like a quiet wave that just rolled gently in, stayed about 20mins and then left. We were all sitting there on the little cliff under the tree, alone with our thoughts yet totally together as companions. There was a peaceful air about the place and we all undeniably felt it.

I’ll always treasure that moment.

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