NEPAL EARTHQUAKE RELIEF: A report on finances.

by Robert Burns, BPM Finance Manager

P1010422The recent earthquakes in Nepal galvanised our many supporters to contribute funds to assist the people Nepal. Everyone involved with BPM was truly overwhelmed by the outpourings of generosity and heartfelt support in the weeks and months following this terrible event.

As all our supporters would know- a team of 8 BPM Medics left within days of the first quake to assist as well they could. You can find the full account of their efforts HERE.

One of the core concepts behind BPM is complete transparency in all financial transactions, therefore (having recently delivered another large portion of funds), we thought it an opportune time to update all our supporters on the assistance we’ve given.

We received some AUD $ 28,587.00 in ERF funds from numerous sources, including private and corporate donations and spillover funds from GoFundMe.

The funds were distributed as follows:

P1010416AUD   $ 2,000.00 payment was taken by our first reaction team and used to provide immediate assist the children and parents of the Moonlight School in Kathmandu.

AUD $ 10,000.00 was sent on 10th May 2015 and was distributed as follows AUD $8000 to the families of the Moonlight School students to assist in their care and provision of clothing, food and medicines (as many of the students were made homeless by the earthquake). AUD $ 2k was used to make emergency repairs to the Moonlight School.

AUD $ 16,000 was sent on 1st July 2015 and will be distributed as follows . AUD $11,200 to the families of the children of the Moonlight School who continue to need medical care, clothes, food and basic shelter.  AUD $ 4,800 will be used to make further repairs to the Moonlight School so that it can continue to operate and provide appropriate educational needs to its students

P1010384The small balance left will be amalgamated with further incoming funds for the Earthquake Relief in the Kerasawara community and for the MCHC.

EVERY contribution- no matter how big or small- has made an immense impact on the  people in Nepal.

Your kind thoughts and actions will never be forgotten!

Your contribution either big or small has made an immense impact on our people in Nepal. Your kind thoughts and actions will never be forgotten

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