P1030197With the MCHC turning one just under a month ago, we’ve compiled an ‘Annual Report’ (of sorts!) which gives some indication of the massive impact the health centre is having in Kerasawra. It’s DEFINITELY been a busy year!!!…

Moonlight Community Healthcare Center, Annual Overview, 7th June 2014 to 7th June 2015

  1. Total number of cases: 910 (Full diagnostics and free medical services)
  2. Emergency and Critical: 8
  3. Female Hygiene kits distribution with proper female hygiene education: 400+
  4. Deliveries (Safe and successful): 4 deliveries
  5. Infant clothing distributed: 12 sets
  6. Toothbrushes distributed: 700+
  7. Toothpaste distributed: 1200+
  8. Kids Morning Hygiene Sessions: 365!
  9. BABY_1Number of kids attending sessions each day: 18 on average (That’s over 6,500 attendances!)
  10. Blankets distributed: 15+
  11. Warm beanies and Clothes distributed: 250+ sets
  12. Pencils + Notebooks distributed: 200+ pencils and 80+ notebooks
  13. Volleyball/Volleyball nets provided: 2 balls/1 set of nets
  14. Condoms distributed: 300+
  15. Baby Shampoo distributed: 10+
  16. Baby Powder distributed: 5+
  17. Liquid Hand-wash distributed: 15+
  18. Hand washing soap distributed: 200+
  19. Tippy Tap Handwashing stations installed: 2 within MCHC compound for morning hygiene sessions and for general purpose
  20. 2 cups of water for each patient before and after treatment initiated and still in action
  21. Bamboo rubbish bins made for each house in the village, along with every junction of the roads/trials
  22. 11334345_709411992538430_2087712893_nKRT trained, instilled and ongoing training- the KRT has been a huge success and is creating a huge difference! 10+ major first aid provided to KRT since February
  23. Flowers and fruits well maintained inside MCHC compound. The staff recently enjoyed first fruit harvest (Bananas) after the opening.
  24. Total BPM volunteers (foreign) since opening: 26
  25. Awareness Programs conducted on a regular basis:
  • Hand washing and sanitation
  • Rubbish Management (Proper Use of the bins)
  • Nutrition and its benefits (Kids and Adults)
  • Cleanliness activities (Whole village, Kids + Adults)

WHAT AN AMAZING FIRST YEAR! We can’t wait to see what the next 12 months has in store for the MCHC!!

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