03nepalday2.adapt.768.1It’s been a MASSIVE day here at BPM. In the past 24 hours we have placed countless phone calls back-and-forth to Nepal trying to get a picture of the developments over there. Having just got off the phone with Sushant Dahal, we can tell you all this:

  • The situation is obviously chaotic and dire at the moment and there are still continuous after-shocks battering the country.
  • The city of Kathmandu is now entering a phase whereby they are running out of essential supplies such as fuel, clean water and other perishables.
  • All shops and services (including banks, etc) remain shut.
  • There is still no word on the state of outlying areas of the city or outside Kathmandu valley.

ERF_LOGO.001Over the past 48 hours BPM has been carefully assessing the situation and developing strategies that we think would be most helpful and useful for the people of Nepal. Here is what we are doing:

  • As you are all aware, we have established the BPM Earthquake Relief Fund- for which we have received overwhelming and truly humbling support. To donate to this visit: https://backpackermedics.com/donations-2/
  • We have carefully brought together a small team of highly-trained Paramedic personnel who will be leaving Perth (WA) tomorrow night.
  • The goal of this team is- with the direction and help of our Nepali staff- to provide highly mobile and immediate first-aid and medical assistance to areas of the Kathmandu valley where people may not have access to hospitals or where the hospitals are being over-run.
  • 6422196-4x3-940x705We are acutely aware that- as an organisation- we are not ideally set-up to function in situations such as this due to our size and normal sphere of work. For these very reasons we have carefully formulated our team (a number of whom have extensive military training and high clinical and rescue skills), and our plans for when we are on the ground in Nepal so that the limited resources we can take with us will be best utilised.
  • We would like all of our supporters to know that the decision to travel to Nepal at this time has not been made lightly. We completely understand the gravity of our intentions, however we hope that everyone can empathise with the emotion of necessity that we all feel right now. We also feel extremely blessed to have the skills and training to represent everyone who has supported Backpacker Medics.

organised-chaos-2015-website-200x133How can YOU help…?

  • The sheer fact of the matter is this: once the dust has settled on this terrible tragedy, the people of Nepal will still be in need (even moreso than now!) and BPM will still be there working in the country. 
  • Therefore- the greatest way to show your support and solidarity for these beautiful people and the work we are trying to do is to get behind our ongoing fundraising efforts.
  • Namely: if you are in Western Australia, PLEASE enter a team in ORGANISED CHAOS 2015. The events of the past few days have only intensified our efforts to make OC2015 unbelievable and the greatest way that you can show you care is to come along with a HUGE smile and an open heart! Let’s show Nepal we are thinking of them with the laughter and good will that brings us all together.
  • DSC01447If you can’t make it to Organised Chaos, please donate to our Earthquake Relief Fund. The link is: https://backpackermedics.com/donations-2/

We sincerely thank each and every person that has made an effort to contact and support us over the past few days. Please stay tuned to the BPM website for updates.


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