WANTED: Volunteer Rescue Medics in Nepal

WANTED: Volunteer Rescue Medics in Nepal

Backpacker Medics (BPM) is currently looking for Volunteer Rescue Medics for an exciting new project in Nepal- the Kerasawara Rescue Team (KRT).

BPM is seeking three volunteers to assist in delivering the KRT Introduction Training Course in Kerasawara Village, Nepal, from 15th~23rd of February, 2015.

It's a BIG deal if you get sick in Kerasawara...

It’s a BIG deal if you get sick in Kerasawara…

Complementing the recently completed Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre (MCHC), the KRT will provide a retrieval/rescue service to the village of Kerasawara and surrounding communities. Please read Medical missionaries’ high hopes for Nepal”, a recent feature in The West Australian about our friend Basanta Karki- just one example of why this service is needed.

The team will consist of 8-10 local volunteers dedicated to serving their community by helping the sick, injured and entrapped in times of need.

The KRT will be responsible for:

  • Taking sick or injured people to the MCHC or hospital
  • Responding to emergencies in the Kerasawara local area
  • Locating and accessing casualties in all types of terrain
  • Performing life-saving first-aid treatments including: primary survey, basic airway manoeuvres, CPR, defibrillation, haemorrhage control, spinal injury precautions and basic trauma
  • Extrication and packaging of casualties
  • Performing high-angle rescue in difficult terrain
  • Maintenance of rescue equipment
  • Maintenance of personal and team skills
  • MCHC:  A view from higher on the ridge line.

    MCHC: A view from higher on the ridge line.

    Performing swift water rescue (future)

  • Performing technical rescue (future)

KRT members will attend a four day KRT Introduction Training Course covering the above topics – which is where our volunteers are needed!

As mentioned, BPM is seeking three volunteers to assist in delivering the KRT Introduction Training Course in Kerasawara Village, Nepal, from 15th~23rd of February, 2015. (9 days in total, please refer to itinerary below).

We are seeking eager volunteers with the following attributes:

– a medical background (medic, paramedic, EMT, etc.)

– a rescue background with experience in rope rescue

– preferably experience delivering training of this nature

– preferably remote area travel experience

– have a reasonable level of fitness and no issues with carrying a backpack, lifting stretchers and carrying loads, etc.

– a fun, easy-going and flexible nature!

Please read the Backpacker Medics Volunteer Book here before deciding if this trip is for you – the village lifestyle is not for everyone but extremely rewarding for those who enjoy true volunteering in the areas where it’s needed most!

Please note that airfares to/from Nepal are the responsibility of each volunteer and that there are costs involved with this trip (see details below). These costs cover all travel to/from the village and all meals in the village (plus a host of other things!…all detailed below), and allow us to volunteer and help the community without draining their limited financial and food resources.

For more information on the Backpacker Medics story please visit www.backpackermedics.com

BPM working in Kerasawara village.

BPM working in Kerasawara village.

Can’t attend but wish to help? A donation to help cover the cost of this project would be greatly appreciated. Please visit www.backpackermedics.com/donations (100% of all donations go directly to the project. Travel costs are the responsibility of each volunteer)

Expressions of interest should include a brief explanation of your medical, rescue and remote travel experience and be sent to sponsorship@backpackermedics.com before the 15/01/15.

Enquiries about the KRT Introduction Training Course can be directed to:

Brad Stewart

+61 439 734 323



14/02/15 – Meet in Kathmandu

15/02/15 – Travel to Kerasawara Village

16/02/15 ~ 20/02/15 – Deliver the KRT Introduction Training Course

21/02/15 ~ 22/02/15 – Medical volunteering at MCHC and exploration of the local area

23/02/15 – Return to Kathmandu



TOTAL COST: Nrs 42,000 (approx. AUD$500)


  • Airport pickup and drop-off service on arrival and departure by BPM/MCHC personnel
  • First night’s accommodation in Kathmandu: twin-share room in 4-star Hotel (Kathmandu)
  • Guide services in and around Kathmandu- walking tours to cultural sites, shopping etc.
  • Private jeep transport to Kerasawara village
  • All meals and expenses during transport to-and-from Kerasawara village
  • Porters in/out of Kerasawara village if required
  • Lodging for 8 nights/9 days in Kerasawara village
  • All basic meals (3 meals/ day) whilst in Kerasawara village
  • One night’s ‘special’ meal- whole organic chicken cooked by your guides the traditional Nepali way, + 1 beverage per person (only)
  • Local food and beverage tastings
  • Accompanying interpreter and coverage of all his/her expenses 
  • Trekking guides for all day-trips whilst in Kerasawara village (including porter if needed)
  • Clinical involvement in all MCHC activities and KRT Introduction Training Course
  • Small donation towards the operation of the MCHC 
  • Dedicated Homestay Host and amazingly hospitable family to assist with anything you require!
  • A BPM T-shirt!
  • And bucket loads of other cool experiences that are just FAAAAARRRRR too numerous to write here!
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