Merry Christmas and a HUGE THANKYOU~!!


The cutest sisters in the world!: Samjanna, Rebika and Sirijanna.

Hello everyone,

Well, can you believe that 2014 has come and gone already!? And what a MASSIVE one it has been for everyone involved with Backpacker Medics! It seems like only yesterday we were putting the finishing touches on the MCHC and frantically organising the official opening…

I would to take this chance to thank each-and-every person who has been involved with Backpacker Medics- not only in 2014, but throughout the entire project to date. It is such a humbling and rewarding experience to be surrounded by the enthusiastic, infectious and selfless people that gravitate our way. We are truly blessed by your support and involvement!

Just to show what an amazing year 2014 has been, here are a few figures that paint a pretty impressive picture:

  • 10603849_575982642548033_4549841709604122807_o

    Nat, Uttam and Aleisha in October 2014.

    On Saturday April 5th, 2014 we held our 2nd annual FUNdraiser~ OC2014 ~ featuring 65 teams (more than 400 contestants), over 40 minion volunteers, a gaggle of musos and even a roving pirate!

  • At OC2014 we raised over $7500 for the building, maintenance and staffing of the MCHC.
  • On June 7th, 2014 the Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre was officially opened for business~! The centre took over 2 years to plan, fund and build, and is constructed of more than 500,000 pieces of slate (all quarried from land in the village and carried by hand to the building site).
  • In the first week of operation the MCHC hosted more than 200 patients and over 1000 revellers (and a helicopter!) at the official opening!
  • In 2014, BPM was able to facilitate a record 18 medical volunteers to live and work in the Kerasawara community.
  • The first baby was delivered at the MCHC less than a month after it’s opening!
  • Samjanna took an instant liking to Lauren!

    Samjanna took an instant liking to Lauren!

    Since June 2014 the BPM and the MCHC have been able to support 4 full-time staff: Sushant (our AMAZING Project Manager), Uttam (our LEGENDARY Caretaker), Bikram (our FANTASTIC Full-time Nurse) and Bimala (our INVALUABLE Midwife)…!

  • Based on an average of 18 children attending the MCHC for the Morning Kid’s Hygiene Session every day since June 2014, we estimate we’ve helped brush more than 3600 sets of teeth, doled-out more than 800 doses of daily Vitamin C and recited the alphabet more than 400 times!!!

I hope you can all see what a hectic, yet fantastically rewarding year 2014 has been!

The MCHC's first-born! SO proud!!

The MCHC’s first-born! SO proud!!

Please stay tuned for an update on some of the BIG plans we have in place for 2015 and beyond! And~ if you’re in Australia~ make sure you keep May 16th, 2015 free…:-)

I’d like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Festive Season. I sincerely hope your days are filled with laughter, relaxation, good food and great people!

Thankyou for all your support,

Nathan and the Backpacker Medics Team.

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