Paramedics Under Pressure

nicole_on_bedLast night SBS screened a short feature on their programme The Feed titled Paramedics Under Pressure”.

It details the shocking rate of suicide amongst Paramedics (in this instance in Victoria) and the general pressures of the job we do.

I implore everyone from outside the Ambulance ‘industry’ to take a few minutes out of their day to watch this insightful piece: hopefully it will give you some sort of understanding of the amazing rollercoaster being a Paramedic can be.

For those in the industry: look after each other! Don’t be afraid to talk to your mates, your family and those dearest to you. Look after those new to the job and ‘old’ alike. Stick up for each other against entities that just keep pushing and asking for more.

And when it all seems like it’s too hard: take some time out, gain some perspective and remember to smile!

Bravo to the Ambulance Victoria Paramedics who told their story. Your honesty and courage just might save a life.

You can watch the programme by visiting:

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One Response to Paramedics Under Pressure

  1. Ian and Wendy says:

    Thanks for sharing that….

    It’s terrible 😦

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