October Volunteers off to Kerasawara!!

It’s October already- which means the rains have cleared in Nepal and it’s time for more volunteers to head back to Kerasawara.

This October we’re delighted to announce that three West Australian Paramedics/ Ambulance Officers are off to work in the MCHC. 

Shane Bray, Alisha Reibel and Nat Logan will be jetting off in mid-October for the trip of a lifetime. Their journey to the village will involve 14 days of travel, treatment and tales! (Take a look at their itinerary below).

You can also read all about our three October Volunteers below and put a face to the names.

We wish them the best of luck and safe travels!

ALISHAAlisha Reibel: is a single mother of 4 year old twin girls who qualified as a Paramedic in April 2014, after starting with St John Ambulance in 2008 as a volunteer in the Pilbara. On days off she can either be found at a playground, or at the beach with her kids, or catching up with friends and/or family- all of whom have been incredibly supportive of her chosen career.

i believe I can flyShane Bray: is a first-year Ambulance Officer with St John Ambulance who likes traveling and experiencing new cultures. He has worked in remotes parts of the world for many years and has been involved in basic medicine and suturing in some of these places. He’s also lived the ‘dream’ life: as a surf guide on a Indo surf camp!


NATNat Logan: is 2nd-Year Ambulance Officer with St John Ambulance who has a passion for helping those less fortunate and was even awarded a Certificate of Commendation for helping victims of the “Black Saturday Bush Fires” in Victoria in 2009. By her own admission she “doesn’t have an obsession with my hairdryer or high heels and I definitely have a lot of love and kindness to share and passion to help!”.


19/10/14: Travel by jeep: Kathmandu-KE Village

20/10/14: Introduction and Orientation.

21/10/14: Hike to Rumjatar (Meet Gyan, Visit Hospital and School, Lunch and others…)

22/10/14: Community Help Day

23/10/14: Rest Day

24/10/14: Hike to Olkhadunga (Visit Mission Hospital and the market, lunch and others)

25/10/14: Festival Day!!

26/10/14: MCHC work day

27/10/14: MCHC work day

28/10/14: MCHC work day

29/10/14: MCHC work day

30/10/14: MCHC work day

31/10/14: Rest Day, visit villagers to say goodbye, etc

01/11/14: Travel by jeep: KE Village- Kathmandu

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