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Building the MCHC: stone-by-stone!

It is with great relief and a sense of pride that we are (finally) able to inform you all of the Official Opening Date for the Moonlight Community Healthcare Center.
The MCHC will be officially opened on: SATURDAY JUNE 7TH, 2014.
With this in mind, we are now calling for applications from all interested parties including (but definitely not limited to!): Paramedics, Ambulance Officers, Student Paramedics, teachers, nurses and allied health staff (e.g.: physic, chiro, OT, etc), to join us.
There are limited places available- only four, in fact!- and selections will be made on experience, suitability to the conditions and the necessity of the work we’ll be doing.
Yes, we are acutely aware that it is very short notice for a trip of this nature, however we hope everyone can understand the trials and tribulations we’ve been through thus far and why it has unfolded this way.
Please review the details of the trip below and- if you’re interested- get in touch with us quick-smart!
APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Sunday May 25th…so hurry!
Applications can be sent to:
For those of you that have been involved already, I am sure you can envisage the massive celebration the MCHC opening is going to instigate!; for those that are hoping to be involved in the future, be warned: you will be smothered in hospitality and good-will!!
Hope to receive some great applications soon!

MCHC: MAY 2014: The main courtyard and entrance.

MCHC: MAY 2014: The main courtyard and entrance.

Travel Dates: Volunteers will need to arrive in Kathmandu no later than Monday 2nd June, 2014 (however a few days before would be even better!). We will be travelling to Kerasawara village by jeep on Tuesday 3rd June, 2014. This will take the whole day. We will then spend June 4th, 5th and 6th organising the MCHC opening, facilitating the MCHC and visiting the community. The MCHC Opening will occur on June 7th. We will conduct a full health clinic for the community in the days following– June 8/9/10/11. Travel back to KTM will be on either June 12th or June 13th.
Costs: Airfares to/from KTM will need to be purchased on an individual basis, however we can assist in obtaining the cheapest possible fare (and also excess baggage so that we can take supplies for the MCHC) via our connections with Motive Travel. Similarly, accommodation for the days in KTM either side of travel to the village will need to be covered on an individual basis, however we can organise all of this for you, and to suit any budget.
The Volunteer Fee** for the trip from KTM to Kerasawara village will be: 38,000 Nepali Rupee (NRS) – approx A$420.00
Every cent (or rupee!) is used to cover either travel expenses and food, interpreters, or to support the village community.
This fee covers all of the following:
• All travel to/from the village
• All meals and expenses during travel
• Accommodation whilst in the village
• Basic food (3 meals/day) in the village
• A dedicated interpreter and all expenses for him/her
• Local guide assistance from airport, around KTM, etc
• A BPM t-shirt
• A small donation to the MCHC for medicines and materials
• A LIFETIME of memories!
**: Please note that there has been a slight increase in costs (differing to the BPM Volunteer Handbook), owing to an increase in travel to the village etc.
What you will need: Have a good read of the BPM VOL BOOKLET on the RESOURCES page of our website. This will give you a good idea of some of the equipment each person will need. Note that it is coming into the heights of summer/monsoon and temperatures will be warm. You’ll also need some good rain protection.
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