Overwhelming support…!

Overwhelming support...!

Hello from Kathmandu!
After being out of email contact for a few days, I’ve returned to a veritable inundation of emails, posts and messages bearing heartfelt messages of goodwill and support.
To everyone that has written: Thankyou all! Not only the bottom of my heart, but also from the entire Kerausawara community. I will endeavour to reply to you all in person over the coming days.
To those that have indicated their desire to provide financial support, apologies for the technical issues! Please try the ‘Donations Accepted’ button on our homepage once more for details (we think we’ve solved the problem!).**
For those that don’t live in WA, but would like to see what the feature looked like (along with a bunch of cool multimedia stuff, please click the photo above or visit:
For news on what’s happening at BPM, please keep an eye on the webpage. There will be a small group of us travelling to the village within the week, then we will be holding another large healthcamp in early September.
Thanks again, one and all: your support and kind words are invaluable!

**: If the ‘Donations Accepted’ button fails to work, please email us directly and we will send the details. Email is: backpackermedics@iinet.net.au

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