A new supporter: Phytocare Australia.

Good morning everyone,

Today we are very proud to announce a new supporter of Backpacker Medics: Phytocare ImageAustralia

Phytocare have entrusted Backpacker Medics with a large supply of samples of various products from their range (including Papaya Ointment and Daily C Vitamin sachets) to ‘field test’. Anybody that has been regularly following our work will know the immense value of such products and we are really looking forward to introducing the world to this great Australian company!

Headed by a qualified Naturopath of 25 years, Phytocare Australia exemplifies the type of organisation Backpacker Medics is proud to be associated with:  locally owned and operated, innovative, environmentally aware, community-focussed and dedicated to providing the best care Imagefor those that put faith in them.

Phytocare embraces what nature provides and use their manufacturing knowledge and belief to provide the purest most ethical products they can. An example of this is their Papaya (Paw Paw) Ointment. After years of clinical experience and research they realised the harmful effects of regular, prolonged petro-chemical exposure. Realising the importance of Papaya to the health of the average Australian, Phytocare then went ahead and produced the first petro-chemical free Papaya ointment.

When choosing raw materials Phytocare makes an enormous effort to ensure that they are Imageorganic and fair trade. Their papaya ointment contains shea butter harvested from the small villages on the savannahs of West Africa. This has an enormous positive cultural and financial impact on the lives of the villagers. Shea kernels are mainly collected by women who have used their earnings to build schools and health facilities throughout the villages of Burkina Faso.

Please visit their homepage and show your support: www.phytocare.com.au

…and keep an eye out for some ‘action’ pics from the field!


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