Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre building plans…

Hi everybody,


The land upon which the Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre will be built.

After being back in Australia for a few weeks we’ve been overwhelmed by the fantastic support and interest from all areas (…who would have thought there were so many people following our adventures!!).

Our medically-minded friends have been particularly interested in the cases we treated, statistics and the like (stay tuned folks- we’ll have some statistics from the healthcamp real soon!), whilst others have have wanted to know all about the enormous cultural differences.

We’ve had particular interest from almost everyone, however, in the building of the Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre, it’s progress and design.

Now, thanks to our very good friend, Paramedic and former Draftsman, Ian Dyer, we’re able to give everyone an idea of the design of the centre.

Pictured below is a scan of the first stage of plans detailing the Moonlight Community Healthcare Centre- a 1:1000 scale drawing of the building. The centre will feature two treatment rooms, a larger education and general-use room, a medical storage area, two showers (which will be heated by a ‘hot compost/ solar’ system and will be available for use by all villagers) and a toilet.Image


Eventually, our dream is that this building will be surrounded by functional gardens (boasting new cash-crops for the community, fruit and vegetables), a children’s play area, a communal kitchen (powered by biogas) and a small home-stay area for visiting medical professionals.

Although this facility seems slightly meagre by ‘western’ standards, we are confident that the Moonlight Community Healthcare Center will be a shining example of quality healthcare, hygiene and healthy lifestyle integration for the rest of Nepal. Oh…and please don’t forget that the land needs to be levelled by hand, support materials cut from surrounding forests and building materials (such as rocks, sand and mud) carried -by the villagers- from the river almost 400m below the village!!

In terms of progress to date, we have weekly reports from the village and can relay that the land has been levelled and the concrete slab will be laid within the next week.

Thankyou once again for everyone’s fantastic interest and support (whether it’s in kind, or much-appreciated funds!!). We hope that, once the Moonlight Community Healthcare Center is finished it will be a facility we can all be proud of.


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  1. Robert Burns says:

    Great stuff mate

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