Help us build the Moonlight Healthcare Center!

Hello again from Kathmandu!

We’re currently in the throes of last-minute preparations for our first trip out to Kerausawagara early next week. Though it sounds like a relatively simple task to gather some gear and head 300km east, I can assure you it’s not! For anyone that’s ever visited Nepal, you’ll know all-to-well that nothing is straightforward and everything takes time in this mystical land.

From the outset, our focus and planning for the Moonlight Healthcare Center has centred on the need to make a permanent, long-term and sustainable health post that can service the community well into the future. For the villagers in particular, if this project is to become ‘real’ it’s imperative that they have a structure they can identify as their own.Picture 020 copy

Therefore, the Moonlight Foundation Nepal, in conjunction with Backpacker Medics is aiming to build a three-room, permanent health post in Kerausawagara and fund a full-time local nurse. We also aim to provide continual health education and training for local villagers (…training by returning Paramedics, we hope!!!), thus giving them a viable ‘career option’ in this largely rural area.

Our goal is to have this fully completed by early 2013.

Of course, nothing comes free in this world. Whilst Santosh and his family will be donating raw materials from their own land further into the mountains (and we’re also hoping to have land within the village donated!), it will take cold hard cash to get this all off the ground. We estimate that it will take just under A$8,500 to build the structure, kit it out with furniture and fund the first year’s salary for a local nurse.

To this end, we’ve established a ‘crowdfunding’ platform to try and generate some funds online- every last cent of which will be used to build the clinic, support local health staff and pay for ongoing medical equipment costs.

If you feel compelled to support what we are doing and be directly involved in the building of something really meaningful, than you can do so by clicking the “DONATE” button at the top right of the page- or follow the link below:


You can give a little, or give a lot, but thankyou a thousand-fold for your support! Truly,      every little bit counts.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, also tell your friends, family, work colleagues and big businesses (via Facebook, email, carrier pidgin, however!)- the more people that hear about what we are trying to do, the better!

Of course, you will receive regular updates on the progress of the healthcare centre via this blog and our Facebook page, and we are currently working to secure a donated prize for the most generous contributor.

From the bottom of our hearts I thank you all for your support thus far and into the future.



NOTE: All payments are made through the secure Paypal system and we are currently working on obtaining a registered charity number, for tax purposes. In the interests of complete transperancy, I feel I need to state that as I am the ‘manager’ of the crowdfunding page, it appears as a ‘personal’ page; however all funds will be immediately transferred to the Moonlight foundation. Thankyou!

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